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Dog Trainer


(586) 256-2746



South East Michigan

In-House Trainer at Rangeline Aussies

Accredited by the Association for Professional Dog Trainers

AKC Canine Good Behavior (CGC) Trainer and Evaluator

About Your New Favorite Trainer

Hi, my name is Joan Strasz, Owner of Leader of the Paws and resident trainer, and pictured are my five fur kids.  Marley, the blue merle and Talia, the black tri, DD blue merle Australian Shepherds and Baxter my mix.   I am a compassionate dog trainer who has an unbelievable love of dogs and I only use positive reinforcement techniques.  I know the frustrations of trying to "get through" to your pet, as I have five of various personalities! 


Is your dog's disobedient behavior causing chaos in your home?


Let me guide you to communicate with your dog, learn his/her unique cues that they have.  Learn to be the leader of your pack.


Let's Get

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4 pups_edited.jpg

I have seen throughout my life good dogs who walk their humans.  The pulling that I witness is wild to say the least.  I offer what I call "A la Carte services."  You may have a puller or barker that normally is a good pup but sometimes there may be just one thing that you are at your wits end about.  Let me help you to train those unwanted behaviors out. Wouldn't it be nice to have visitors and your pup doesn't go nuts?  Or when you are on a walk your pup doesn't pull your arm out of its socket?  Call today for an evaluation!

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