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Holistic Flea and Tick Remedy

Essential Oils

Unless you are willing to mix your essential oils with a carrier oil (vegetable oil used for dilution), don't use them.

Many people advocate water-suspended essential oils for fleas. This is dangerous, water cannot safely disperse essential oils because oils are NOT water-soluble unless they have been diluted with a solvent.

There are natural substances that dissolve essential oils, I suggest using a thin carrier oil like grape seed oil or fractionated coconut oil. Mix one drop of essential oil to one milliliter of carrier oil.

Here are a few flea repelling essential oils:




Cedar (atlantica)

Eucalyptus (radiata)

Cary Sage


Avoid making or purchasing flea repellent that contain essential oils of wintergreen, pennyroyal and clove, these oils are dangerous for your dog and should be avoided.

Bandannas or collars infused with essential oils should only be used outdoors, once your dog comes in, take the bandanna off.

Everyday Flea Repellent

1 organic Lemon

2 sprigs of fresh rosemary

1 sprig of garden sage (Savia Officinalis)

1 quart of filtered water

Optional: 1 sprig of Lavender

  • Slice the lemon into thin rounds

  • Place the lemon, rosemary and sage in a large stainless steel or glass bowl

  • Add a quart of almost boiling water

  • Cover and let steep overnight

  • in the morning strain the liquid into a spray bottle

  • Refrigerate (lasts 1 - 2 weeks)

Make a Flea Collar

Use two drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil in one teaspoon of water and apply the solution all over your dog's collar or sprinkle the solution on a kerchief and tie it around your dog's neck. This will keep the fleas at bay!

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